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YouTube: Democrat Politics

Sean Hannity Does Interview With Playboy
there is no and has never been a free market and the public largely has stockhoklm syndrone avi
Dana Loesch Endorses Taliban Desecration By Marines: 'I'd Drop Trou And Do I [1-13-2012]
Christie: 'I didn't pick when Sen. Lautenberg passed away' [6-19-2013]
James O'Keefe Confronts Dick Head [6-19-2013]
President Obama Calls Out Mitt Romney And Congress Over Weak Jobs Report [7-06-2012]
The "Big Lie" About America's Middle Class
2013 6 19 Books Ad
5 New Revelations About NSA Surveillance
Newt Gingrich: I Have A 'Very Open Relationship' With Billionaire Who Funds  [2-19-2012]



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